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  • February 2020

Yellowstone Winter Wonderland

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Our friends Joe and Margaret wanted to celebrate her epic birthday in Yellowstone National Park and we were invited to join them on a winter wonderland tour. The four of us flew into Bozeman, Montana and took a motor coach to the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel where we started our adventure. You can't just drive into the park during the winter months, especially if you want to see the famous geysers and bison within it. Instead, you book a tour on-line in advance and let them handle all the details. Our knowledgeable tour guide drove us around in a huge snow vehicle to view the various geysers, mud pots, and the beautiful landscape. We saw lots of wildlife including bison, wolves, elk, foxes, big horn sheep, coyotes, eagles, and an otter. Seeing the wildlife in the frigid environment was incredible. Watching Old Faithful erupt early in the morning was another memorable moment. Yellowstone National Park is downright magical in the wintertime. If you are up for some amazing outdoor activities in below zero temperatures, this is the trip for you.



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