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Glacier - Waterton Inn to Inn Tour

Our tour began in Whitefish, Montana with the Adventure Cycling Association. There were ten other riders, including a guide. We would be traveling unsupported and self-contained and staying in lodging provided by Adventure Cycling. The route was a 360-mile loop starting in Whitefish, heading north into British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, though the Canadian Rockies, Waterton Lakes National Park, Glacier National Park, and finishing back in Whitefish. The weather was fantastic for the entire tour. We were worried about the smoke from Canadian fires, but the southern winds blew away the bad air. The town of Fernie, British Columbia, was a major supply stop for riders on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. In Sparwood, we saw Titan, the world’s largest truck. It is enormous. We crossed into Alberta, and continued riding through the Canadian Rockies. The views were spectacular. Outside of Blairmore, we came to an area called Frank Slide. This was the site of a massive landslide that dumped 90 million tons of limestone on the town of Frank in only 100 seconds in 1903. It remains the largest and most deadly landslide in Canadian history. We decided to take a side trip, off route, to the Lundbreck Falls. It was worth the detour. The falls were like a mini–Niagara Falls with the water cutting its way through the rock into the canyon. In Waterton Lakes National Park we took a day off and went horseback riding. It reminded us of how much we enjoy horses. Crossing the U.S.-Canadian Border, a slightly grumpy border agent welcomed us back into the United States. Entering Glacier National Park, we were treated to some of most beautiful landscape that we have ever bicycled through. Riding up the iconic Going-To-The-Sun-Road, we had a seven-mile climb to Logan Pass. Descending the backside, we took advantage of the many turnouts to stop and photograph the incredible views. Seeing this National Park by bicycle is an outstanding way to experience the natural beauty instead of being enclosed in a vehicle. Our final day, we continued on backcountry roads to Whitefish, where we had left our vehicle. It was the end of another wonderful bicycle tour, full of beauty, adventure and fun. Until next time….




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