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Lompoc to Morro Bay

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Eager to get on the road again, we headed up to the central coast to ride with our friend Joe. We left the town of Lompoc and immediately had a 1000 foot climb up Harris Grade. The wind was blowing steady at 20 to 30 miles per hour and would continue for the entire tour. As we headed north, it was difficult riding into the strong headwind. Our first night was in a nice campground with a Hike n’ Bike site in the town of Oceano. The winds finally let up after the sun went down. The next day, the plan was to ride to San Simeon. Again, high winds made it challenging and we decided to stop at the Morro Bay State Campground instead. We had a hard time just setting up our tents. The cold wind also forced us into our tents early; the sun hadn’t even gone down yet. The third day we headed back south and enjoyed a tailwind. Stopping at Pismo Beach, we treated ourselves to some fantastic cinnamon rolls and had lunch down by the pier before heading off to our campsite. On our final day, while riding through the central coast agricultural area, we were cheered on by some of the farm workers as they planted the latest crop. We finished our tour with a climb up the east side of Harris Grade. The east side is shorter but steeper. The view from the summit was beautiful. On this trip we got to test some new gear including a new cook stove, upgraded sleep pads, warmer jackets, and a new mini video camera. Although we shorten our distance a little because of the high winds, we still had a good time mixed in with some “Type 2 fun". (Google it.) Until next time….

Enjoy a short video from this trip


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