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  • 51 Days - 2630 Total Miles

Scott City, KS to El Dorado, KS

Updated: May 7, 2020

The terrain in Kansas is pretty flat. It has challenged us in other ways such as strong head winds, heat and some rain. We start riding as close to sun up as possible to beat the elements. As we all know Mother Nature is hard to beat! Since the scenery here doesn't change much, we thought we would tell you what a typical day looks like out on the road. We know that people say we just eat, sleep and ride (which is true) but it is so much more. Once we get to our destination for the day we shower or clean up, hand wash (or machine wash if available) our clothes, set up camp (or settle into a hostel or motel), prepare dinner, wash dishes, plan the route for the next day, record our thought in our journals, and finally settle into bed and read until we fall asleep. These days we are asleep by 9:00pm. I forgot to mention how much time we spend talking to the locals. They have been the best part of our trip. Until next time......

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