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  • 70 Days - 3502 Total Miles

Chester, IL to Bardstown, KY

Updated: May 6, 2020

Our ride through southern Illinois was only 130 miles long. It offered scenic back country roads with very little traffic and lots of farmland. Crossing the Ohio River from Illinois to Kentucky was a milestone as we were able to check off another state. It seems to be going so fast now. We didn't have to camp much because of the great accommodations from an RV to a church and a volunteer fire station. Kentucky homes and businesses have huge green lawns that are perfectly mowed. The Tyson chicken farms are a good example. After parting ways with Gay, we made our way to Bardstown, KY. We'll take a day off to enjoy some more local culture (such as the Buttermilk Days Festival and maybe another bourbon distillery) and a visit from Kevin's cousin. Until next time.....

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