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  • 30 Days - 1465 miles

Missoula, MT. to Grand Tetons, WY.

Updated: May 6, 2020

After a little slow down to fix a flat we stayed with Curtis, a Warm Showers host in Darby, MT. We started traveling with our new friend Sam, who is also doing the TransAm route. The weather turned on us and we rode through a few days of rain and cold. Snow greeted us at the top of Chief Joseph Pass. Later, a sight seeing detour to Bannack was well worth it. We spent a great night with Warm Showers hosts Larry and Lois in Dillon, MT. It's been five straight nights in the tent with overnight temperatures ranging from a high of 35 to this morning's low of 25. The guy in the next tent left his clothes on line overnight; they were frozen in the morning. Took a day off in Yellowstone, rented a car (with riding companion Sam) and saw much of the amazing park, bear, bison, elk and much more. In the Grand Tetons now heading southeast through Wyoming.

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