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Seattle to Boston Bicycle Tour - Part 2

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

June 15 to July 6, 2022

Colville, Washington to Cody, Wyoming

After making our way across Washington, we briefly rode through Idaho into Montana. Skirting the upper part of the state, we took a couple of days off in the town of Whitefish to explore Glacier National Park. The park had experienced some extreme weather and access was limited. Back on the road, we headed south to the town of Missoula, where Joanne and Mike hosted us for the evening. Leaving Missoula, we made our way over Chief Joseph Pass to the Big Hole National Battlefield. In 1877, the U.S. Army fought the Nez Perce during their failed attempt to escape to Canada. Dillion, Montana was our next stop at the Bike Walk Southwest Montana Bike Camp. It’s a great place to stay for touring cyclists. A few days later we entered Yellowstone National Park. The park had recently re-opened after extensive damage from flooding, but we had no trouble cycling through. Exiting the east gate of the park, we were treated to spectacular views. Heading into Cody, Wyoming, we stopped at the Buffalo Bill Dam. The Dam was completed in 1910, and at the time, it was the tallest Dam in the world at 325 feet. We had ridden 1,378 miles by the time we got to Cody. It was time for a rest day, a little bike maintenance, and a tour of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Until next time…

YouTube - Watch Part 2


2 commentaires

Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman
24 févr. 2023

I’m planning a Seattle area to WDC trip for this summer, 2023. I am intrigued by your route. Starting on Northern Tier, but then dropping south, Yellowstone, etc. how did you set your route? Did you stay to Adventure Cycle routes in general? Did you make reservations at cabins, or at Yellowstone months ahead, or, days ahead as you knew better where you’d be when?


Theresa Nelson
Theresa Nelson
19 oct. 2022

What an adventure. Thank you so much for documenting! Looking forward to the rest!

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