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  • Day 13 - 700 total miles

Mt. Vernon, OR to Cambridge, ID

Updated: May 6, 2020

From Mt. Vernon we continued to head East into the hotter and drier part of the state. Prairie City was one of them at 95 degrees by mid morning. It was a good place to get caught up on the bike maintenance and laundry. The next day we climbed three passes, Dixie Pass, Tipton Pass and Sumpter Pass. The terrain took us back into the timber and let us out in the high desert of Baker City. The next few days were scorchers, over 100 degrees. We rode a few more passes with steep grades as we entered Idaho. We've met other cyclist heading both East and West. We always stop to chat and compare notes on what is to come. The people in the towns have been really friendly and interested in our trip. The pace of life is quite a bit slower too. The locals go sit at the others tables in the cafe's to chat and catch up. Now that's real networking! We are taking a rest day in Cambridge. Back to the adventure tomorrow.

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