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  • 33 Days - 1742 Total Miles

Grand Tetons, WY to Rawlins, WY

Updated: May 6, 2020

Here are a few more pictures from Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. We were so excited to see the buffalo, the black bear and the elk so close. The dramatic scenery continues to impress us. After leaving the Grand Tetons we had a 17 mile long grade at 6% to the top of the pass. The horse flies here are bigger, meaner, they bite harder and are relentless. We finally outran them on the down side of the pass. We were told about the Lava Mountain wildfire and that we would be riding near it. We were surprised that it was so close to the road. The firefighters were allowing vehicles to go through to Dubois, Wyoming. As we were deciding where to stay in Dubois, John (affiliated with the church) offered to host us in the St. Thomas Episcopal Church. It was a biblical riding day (flies, fires, and saved by John). We are still traveling with our friend Sam, a retired professor from Oregon State. A couple of days later we stayed in the basement of the 1st Baptist Church in Jeffrey City (population 58) and ate at the only cafe in town. It was great! Our maps showed several long stretches with No Services......and they weren't kidding. The eastern part of Wyoming is very desolate. We'll be in Colorado in a couple of days. Until next time.

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