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  • 9 days - 497 total miles

Monmouth, OR to Mt. Vernon, OR

Updated: May 7, 2020

Sorry for the late post. We've had very limited internet access. After the last post we started to head East. We continued riding through lush forests and followed along the rivers and creeks. Sometimes all you could hear was the rushing water and the birds chirping. Coming out of McKenzie Bridge we had a 20 mile climb and ended the day in the town of Sisters. We met our friends Gail and Rick at their campsite and they had prepared a delicious meal. Heading out towards Prineville the terrain changed to high desert scrub and farmland. Leaving the town of Mitchell we had a 6 mile, 8% grade to climb first thing in the morning. We were later rewarded with a beautiful descent through scenic canyons. After picking up a few groceries we ended the day at the Bike Inn in Mt. Vernon. This is a house for traveling cyclist where donations are welcome. We had the place to ourselves tonight. Life is good on the road.

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