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  • 63 Days - 3157 Total Miles

Marshfield, MO to Chester, IL

Updated: May 6, 2020

Bicycling through the Ozarks turned out to be some of the most difficult terrain yet. These were some of the steepest hills we have ever ridden. Even the locals said they didn't like driving them. It would be wrong not to mention how beautiful and lush these mountains are. Southern Missouri also has lots of opossums and armadillos wandering the back country roads at night. We learned that logging and canoe/rafting tours are the biggest industry in the Ozarks. We left the Ozarks 10 miles before crossing the Mississippi River into Chester, Illinois, the home of Popeye. There are statues and wall painting of Popeye, Olive Oil, Sweetpea, Wimpy, Brutus and other characters all around town. Kevin enjoyed entertaining some locals with his Popeye impressions. Until next time.....

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