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Seattle to Boston Bicycle Tour – Part 5

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

June 5 - August 29, 2022

The People

We often get asked, what is the best part of bicycle touring. The answer is the people we meet. On this trip, we met lots of people from local communities, we crossed paths with other cyclists, saw a few friends, and some family. Several people stopped to give us water, fruits and vegetables, advice on the roads ahead, a few said prayers for us, and some just wanted to talk. Several folks were interested in doing trips of their own. They typically had lots of questions about our route, how long we had been on the road, the types of weather we encountered, and how much weight we were carrying. All of these people impacted our trip with their kindness, generosity, and support. They restored our faith in humanity and reminded us of how great our country is. The photos below are a small representation of the wonderful people we came across. Until next time….


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Robert Perez
Robert Perez
Nov 10, 2022

Don't forget when you mention "The People", that includes the three of you. You all brought joy to so many of us across the country as well. Life is good!

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