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  • 20 Days - 1010 Total Miles

Cambridge, ID to Missoula, MT

Updated: May 6, 2020

The weather cooled down once we left Cambridge, Idaho, which was a huge relief. Idaho had more hills and passes than we expected. It was challenging but beautiful and diverse scenery. We have gone through dozens of small towns and have really enjoyed the slow pace and their curiosity about our trip. We have managed to ride the past 700 miles without going through stop lights. There are barely any stop signs. The route on Hwy 12 is also known as the Lewis and Clark Trail with lots of historical markers. It was a 100 mile, gradual climb along the Clearwater River. It continually changed from calm waters to rushing rapids. Our campsite was near the rapids and made it easy to fall asleep. We've met several other cyclist that are from around the globe - Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, and England. Others are local folks from New York, Oregon, Kansas, Missouri and San Francisco to name a few. We've made some new friends on this trip. From here we start heading southeast toward Yellowstone. The connectivity has been sparse through these gorgeous canyons and valleys. We'll keep in touch as often as time and technology allow. Life on the road is good!

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